EcoPhage will pitch in the 4th BioAg World Congress in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

EcoPhage will pitch in the 4th BioAg World Congress in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

EcoPhage announces today that it will participate in the 4th BioAg World Congress in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, held on May 2-5, 2023

The BioAg World Congress is one of leading arena for biologicals across regions and focuses on innovation I n biopesticides, biostimulantes and other biologicals solutions. This time the congress to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the biggest agriculture market.

EcoPhage develops and commercializes bacteriophages-based bactericides to control bacterial diseases in agriculture across crops and regions. In the congress, EcoPhage will present its technology and products under the theme “Cracking the Bactericides’ market with BacterioPhages”, explain why phages are a perfect fir to the increasing needs for innovation in the bactericides segment.

“We’re happy to come to Brazil, a leading market and the most growing market for biological”, said Guy Elitzur, EcoPhage’s CEO, “with climate change and evolution of diseases, Brazil is facing increasing challenges with bacterial diseases in many of its fruits, veggies and row crops. EcoPhage’s technology could be integrated and improve efficient, reduce resistance and improve crop quality and yield. Doing that, with natural and biological products.


About EcoPhage

Ecophage pioneers the development and commercialization of bacteriophages-based bactericides with minimal environmental impact and maximum efficacy, addressing a crucial issue in global agriculture. Annually, an estimated 10% of the world’s food production is lost due to plant diseases, with bacterial infections being a significant contributor. Our innovative products harness the power of bacteriophages—viruses uniquely targeting bacteria—to prevent and cure plants, offering nontoxic solutions for bacterial diseases.

Our vision is clear – transformation of the global bactericides market in agriculture into more sustainable and safer to human, living and the environment.

We are doing that by setting up the mission of revolutionizing agriculture by increasing plant yield, reducing disease-related losses, and promoting sustainability. The foundation of our success lies in a proprietary technological platform co-developed with the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. Unlike conventional pesticides that often cause environmental harm and exhibit low efficacy, our bactericides represent a natural solution with minimal negative impact, high specificity, and superior effectiveness.

At Ecophage, we are not just combating plant diseases; we are transforming the future of agriculture, one innovative solution at a time.

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