GoldenEco performing better then Copper in controlling Bacterial diseases in Tomatoes

GoldenEco performing better then Copper in controlling Bacterial diseases in Tomatoes

EcoPhage announces today that GoldenEco, its new product to control Bacterial speak and spot in tomatoes and peppers showing superior control over a common copper product in field trials conducted in Florida US.

GoldenEco is a biocontrol agent containing bacteriophages (virus) that attack Xanthomonas vesicatoria and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomatoes cause bacterial spot and speck diseases in tomatoes and peppers. The product minimizes the development of resistant strains, can be implemented in IPM program, is highly selective to the target bacterium and will not harm beneficial organisms, it contains only non-GMO, naturally occurring phages, and it is not phytotoxic and does not impair plant physiology.

In the field trials conducted by a local CRO in Florida during September to December 2022, the product shows higher efficiency than a Copper-based product (the farmer practice), reaching around 70% efficacy alongside the growing cycle. It was able to keep the level of diseases lower than the Copper-based product during the entire cycle and had better results in terms of performance. In addition, Upon evaluating yield and quality, The fruits had higher weight and there were more marketable fruits in the plots where GoldenEco was applied versus the plots with Copper.

“These are very exciting news for us”, said Sammy Frank, EcoPhage’s R&D Manager, “being able to develop a biological product that worked better than Copper is great news for us and for the farmer. Being able to reduce the application of Copper, getting better performance and improve quality parameters that improve the farmer economics. We are very happy with the results and looking forward to seeing consistency in these parameters.


About EcoPhage

Ecophage pioneers the development and commercialization of bacteriophages-based bactericides with minimal environmental impact and maximum efficacy, addressing a crucial issue in global agriculture. Annually, an estimated 10% of the world’s food production is lost due to plant diseases, with bacterial infections being a significant contributor. Our innovative products harness the power of bacteriophages—viruses uniquely targeting bacteria—to prevent and cure plants, offering nontoxic solutions for bacterial diseases. Our vision is clear – transformation of the global bactericides market in agriculture into more sustainable and safer to human, living and the environment.
We are doing that by setting up the mission of revolutionizing agriculture by increasing plant yield, reducing disease-related losses, and promoting sustainability. The foundation of our success lies in a proprietary technological platform co-developed with the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. Unlike conventional pesticides that often cause environmental harm and exhibit low efficacy, our bactericides represent a natural solution with minimal negative impact, high specificity, and superior effectiveness.
At Ecophage, we are not just combating plant diseases; we are transforming the future of agriculture, one innovative solution at a time.

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