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EcoPhage was founded in 2018 on the heels of proprietary technology co-developed with the world renown Weizmann Institute of Science. With an estimated 10% of the world’s food production is lost due to plant diseases, and bacterial infections being a significant contributor, we set ourselves to utilizes the power of bacteriophages to create a new path for sustainable agriculture.

Bacteriophages (or phages in short), viruses which uniquely target bacteria, offer a biological solution to preventing disease and curing plants. Phages have the potential to become a feasible alternative to conventional pesticides thanks to their high specificity, superior effectiveness and minimal impact on the environment. As pioneers in this field of Agri-tech, EcoPhage’s mission is to revolutionize crop protection by developing and delivering sustainable biological solutions that replace chemicals, to close the gap of untreated plant diseases while maximizing the quality, yields, and production of food.

EcoPhage is supported by key industry players including The Trendlines Group, the Bayer-Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

Develop state-of-art bacteriophages-based solutions to control bacterial diseases in crops – competitive in price and superior in performance and yield outcomes

Member in leading biological organizations


The EcoPhage’s team is a dynamic, visionary and solution-oriented group of individuals with a strong passion for leading change. Our R&D team of microbiology, agronomy, and formulation scientists, each an expert in their respective field, is supported by strong business development professionals, that bring entrepreneurship and a proven track record of success.

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