EcoPhage is committed to transforming conventional agriculture practices with sustainable solutions that are at the forefront of innovation. Our proprietary platform for high-throughput screening of bacteriophages was co-developed with the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science.

At the core of our technology, the ability to meticulously select phage candidates with specific, desirable characteristics. The development process starts with a large-scale screening of environmental bacteriophages targeting our desired host bacteria, and is followed by the characterization of bacteriophages by genomic and physical traits.

This innovative approach has allowed us to build substantial collections of phages which form the foundation for our highly effective and sustainable phage cocktails. Phages are prioritized by their mode of infection, an attribute which signifies how the phage attaches, and enters, the pathogen’s cell to reproduce and ultimately eliminate it.

Furthermore, recognizing that bio-products face stability and activity challenges, we define the phage selection as the first step in our commitment to driving sustainable change. To address these challenges, we continually make significant investments in formulation and agronomical research.

Harnessing our cutting-edge discovery platform for bacteriophages and leveraging our in-house bactericide development infrastructure, we are actively advancing three innovative products: GoldenEco which targets bacterial diseases such as bacterial Speck & Spot in tomatoes and peppers, EcoFire, designed to combat Fire-Blight in apple and pear trees, and EcoStonia, which controls MOKO disease in banana trees.


R&D Innovation Platform

  • 1

    Screening and characterization phages in high throughput

  • 2

    Multi-variables Analysis (hosts range, stability, type, fermentation, etc.)

  • 3

    Genetic Analysis for unique mechanisms of infection (MoI)


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